Swedish Air Line Pilots Association

Swedish Air Line Pilots Association (SPF) is an independent trade union confederation for all civilian professional pilots. The association has about 1900 active and supporting members and collective bargaining agreements with around 10 airlines. We represent our members with democratically elected fellow pilots.

SPF promotes safety, quality, good working environment and improvements in collective agreements concerning salaries’ and general conditions.

SPF has a large international network and is a member of the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Association, IFALPA, since 1950 as well as a member of the European Cockpit Association, ECA.

SPF also has a number of favourable voluntary group insurances, including Loss of Licence and insurance of income that you as a member can subscribe.

Our office is situated in the centre of Stockholm. We can assist you with questions regarding your membership and advice on legal and contractual issues.


Professional pilots, with the same employer, form their own sections with its own board and have their own section representatives of the Board (Föreningsstyrelsen), where cross-cutting issues are addressed.

SPF currently provides the following sections:

  • General Section

  • Air Leap

  • Amapola

  • Novair

  • SAS

  • Scandinavian Air Ambulance

  • TUI

In addition to this, SPF also has a flight safety committee and an aero-medical committee for development in these areas.

Membership fees

Membership fees are based on your monthly salary including fixed additions and on a full-time employment.

< 30.000 SEK: SEK 325 per month *
30.000-60.000 SEK: SEK 450 per month *
> 60.000 SEK: SEK 525 per month *

* Members of the SAS-section, if the monthly salary including fixed additions exceeds SEK 30.000, pays an additional fee of SEK 200 per month.


Flygposten, which is published with four issues/year, is the official organ of the Swedish Pilots’ Association, and is included in the membership fee for the SPF members.

Editor Åke Åstrand, e-mail address: images@canit.se.

Contact information

Svensk Pilotförening
Wallingatan 44 A
S-111 24 Stockholm

E-mail: spf@swealpa.se

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