Pilot sharing – The new kid on the ‘atypical employment’ block

The demise of regular direct aircrew jobs shows no signs of slowing down.

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The future holds… more wet-leasing

Wet-leasing is growing rapidly and experts predict such leasing agreements to become both longer in time and more frequent in nature in 2019.

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The Intelligence Component of Pilots’ Background Checks

European legislation prescribes that flight crew members must periodically have a background check that covers at least criminal records.

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Exporting EU Aviation Business & Jobs

EU to Liberalise 3rd country ‘Wet-leasing’.

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Three years of harmonised fatigue for European pilots

Have you ever checked your watch halfway through a long day at work, wishing it was over?

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Pilot shortage – what lies beneath?

The truth about pilot shortage is far more elaborate than what many in the industry are trying to portray. Factors such as the region, type of operation, experience level of the pilot group need to be considered each time we speak about “the pilot sh

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When wet-leasing undermines collective rights

The European Cockpit Association (ECA) has voiced its concern about the lease by British Airways (BA) of aircraft and crew from Qatar Airways.

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