Aviation liberalisation 2.0

Back in the 90s the European aviation industry was liberalised, coming from a purely national to a “European” system within a relatively short period of time.

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Exporting EU Aviation Business & Jobs

EU to Liberalise 3rd country ‘Wet-leasing’.

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Pilot sharing – The new kid on the ‘atypical employment’ block

The demise of regular direct aircrew jobs shows no signs of slowing down.

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Broker agencies, broken standards

If a pilot is looking for a job and goes online to check the vacancies, it comes as no surprise that broker agencies dominate the job market.

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Pilot shortage – what lies beneath?

The truth about pilot shortage is far more elaborate than what many in the industry are trying to portray. Factors such as the region, type of operation, experience level of the pilot group need to be considered each time we speak about “the pilot sh

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Where are the pilots of tomorrow?

We all agree that European aviation needs skilled, talented flight crews to underpin the growing aviation sector. But where to find and how to attract them?

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Three years of harmonised fatigue for European pilots

Have you ever checked your watch halfway through a long day at work, wishing it was over?

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